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My son has a 1999 E46 318i saloon. Following changing the wheels and tyres last Friday (upgraded from 195/65/15 to 205/55/16) after driving without any problems for about half an hour the following happened:-

Speedo stopped working.
Fuel gauge stopped working.
ABS light on.
ASC light on.

Having checked the fuses we found that fuse 33 (top bank, 2nd one in from the right) had blown. This was replaced with a 5 amp fuse and all seemed fine. After driving for a short while, maybe only 15 minutes, the fuse blew again with the same results i.e. speedo not working etc etc.

We have repeated the process of changing the fuse but it keeps blowing after a short period.

I have read somewhere about the likely problem being the speed sensor on the drivers side (RHD) back wheel? Could anybody come up with an answer as to why the fuse takes 15 minutes to blow and what the solution is.

The car was absolutely fine until the wheels were changed???

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