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Hi, After one year of no issues recently the car stopped at a roundabout (other driver). Then restarted with hesitation and stalled again 20 mins later.
Replaced the crankshaft sensor and all sorted. Then it developed a knocking sound which seems to come out from where the second injector is (counting towards windshield).
The INPA shows camshafts - sensor error. I noticed that engine roughness was 0 - as not detecting any.
In addition to that the other driver complains there is no power and the car is not the same as before. I noticed it is a bit lazy accelerating whilst around 3-4 gear in Auto mode. If you step on the pedal in Kick in mode accelerates like devil but on normal drive it feels gluey.

Now talking about the camshafts sensor and taking into account VANOS issue I have activated the VANOS unit form INPA and there was a noticeable change in the engine noise. As the car is 180k the VANOS issue if present should have surfaced long time ago (probably was addressee in the past).

Would you reckon is good to replace the sensor. Sorry for asking the obvious but am cautios on cost as at the moment I am trying to ballance the lack of time and maintenance cost against a new car.

thanks in advance
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