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Hi Guys
I did an oil service this weekend, I didnt reset the computer as I change the oil at the half way mark . Anyway I did a scan check and it came up with 210 CAN interface fault on the DME ( Misfire on more than 2 Cyls ) so I changed the plugs for new ones ( The old ones looked correct colour all good ) So I did a live data and noticed that bank 1 Oxy sensor heating was all over the place going from 5% to 90% really jumping about very quickly ( bank 2 very settled by the way ), anyway I reset the codes and it came back as 210 CAN Interface

I had noticed a very small misfire but nothing to write home about a while ago I have a new Oxy sensor but I have my doubts that is the problem of the misfire I didnt change it as it is a right pain with no pit or ramps at hand.

Autodata sugests ignition signal resistor where is that hidding so I can check it?
Or maybe a coil or two packing in slowly ? If it is bank 1 oxy that is showing where the problem may occur I may swop the coils from 1.2.3 to 4.5.6 and see if the oxy 2 fluctuates
Mechanicaly I was thinking a sticky valve causing the OXY werdness perhaps ? any Ideas comments?
Anyone had this before and can point me in the right drection :thumbsup
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