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hi guys... just thought i'll show you lovely people some pictures of the car and give you some information about this baby of mine... any feedback will be greatfull and please speak your mind good or bad... thank you all in advance.

>< 328i coupe
>< 89000 miles with FSH
>< BMW Lux pack... this included the 6 disc changer, sports seats with the pull out extra bit (don't know how to describe it hope you know what i mean lol)
>< BMW sports springs
>< M3 steering wheel
>< black leather all round with black armrest
>< BMW split alloys

ok this is how she looked when i picked her up in august 08.. it was kind of standard.

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e36 328i coupe part 2 thread

now a few months down the line i started to slowly do bits and bobs to the car.

these are the mods i have done so far,

>< black tints all round

>< full HID kit 8K

>< done my sounds, this includes pioneer head unit with 2x12" kicker L5 subwoofers, Directed D2400 amp and 4G wiring kit

>< back crystall lights

>< LED number plate lights

>< twin custom exhaust

more to come soon... will have the wheels refurbished in summer, thinking black center.. what do you think?

heres some pictures, like i said any advise good or bad will be appreciated and again thank you all again in advance :)

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