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E36 323i M52
Failed emissions today on exhaust emission carbon monoxide content after 2nd idle
exhaust emission carbon monoxide content at idle

Mot tester told me it was the first lamba sensor before the cat that was at fault..

Ive been doing the normal google searches and got mixed results:

Some say the 323i m52 has two lambas on the manifolds
Some say they have a lamba before and after the cat

I think the diffrence is obd1/obd2 models of the e36?

Anyway i started routing around the engine and i cant see any lambas on the manifolds..
They look steel manifolds not casted, could these be after market?

Cant look under the car because its about an inch off of the floor.

Ive taken the fuel rail plastic cover off to have a look and there is 2 conector disconected:rofl

There are for the lambas (right).........
If both were diconected why was it running at about 80%
little hessertation below 3500rpm the it would take off down the road
I thought all 6 pots drove like this...

any advise would be great...

Iam going to run some BG 44k through the system to clean the emtire fuel system and see how the emission are then..... WITH THE LAMBAS CONECTED :lol

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As Msporter has shown in his diagram there are only two Lambda sensors on the e36 323i M52 and they are in the exhaust manifolds, one in each bank.

Past emissions today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone had dissconected the lamba sensors ontop of the coil packs (WHY)

MOT tester said it passed easily

he gave me some bg44k aswell to put in but still passed without the treatmeant
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