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Can anyone help my Dad (84) - any ideas? I can't locate the relevant circuit dias.

His email to me follows :

Hi Anne

We have a problem with the car...It goes dead and will not start or even make a noise. It appears that the frost and snow may have upset the 'alarm and immobilizer circuit. After much fiddling we overcame the alarm problems but there was no life in the 'starter'. Eventually we found a faulty fuse..replaced and hey presto we were off. Used for 2 days and went out in the evening to gardening club...come out into car park and DEAD!! oh dear. Checked the fuse by small torch light...replaced and off we go again...get home and have not touched it since. Richard goes down with bad back after first OK so he cannot help. I have spent over two hours on the WWW trying to get an electrical circuit layout or drawing of that area involved with the immobilizer as that was the fuse that blew. NO luck plenty of American mechanics from Just Answer and similar but they are no help. Can you try your expertise on the web for a copy of the electrics, either layout or circuit of anything connected to fuse No.31 as follows:-

BMW 318i a Auto 1998 R722LPG... Anti-theft System 3G.EWS Thatcham Category 1 Vehicle Alarm/Immobilizer 5 amp fuse No.31 in fuse box.

The whole exercise and the behaviour of the computer is driving me silly

Love Dad

Grateful for any help - Anne
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