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Hi,got a '98 323i sport touring thats had a M52B28 upgrade and is pushing out around 220bhp and looks to be on the standard brakes,while everything is working well and is nearly new,i feel that they need upping to help stop her as shes now able to go much faster than she used to.
I am in the middle of breaking my E36 M3 3.0 and the brakes are just sitting there doing nothing.
i know that theyre bigger and should be better than the std ones,but what discs and pad combo along with braided hoses would you suggest?
would E46 330i front brakes be better than the M3 fronts as the discs are a little bigger? same again what discs/pad combo would you go for?
or failing that the M3 rears and a proper 4/6 pot set up on the fronts that fit behind the style 5 alloys?

how much how much how much lol.

many thanks
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