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Hi, im always abke to find tips trick and solutions in these forums. But for my current problem all have been a dead end.

I have had my e36 for 2 years now, its sat in my yard, been stored in the garage at night and taken out during the day, to let customer cars in for work. Ive always let it run once every week or two. Its always started and run fine 100% of the time, i havnt had it on the road in the 2 years.
Ive just done a complete suspension replacement, new wheels, serviced, welding (nothing to do with the problem) and changed anything it needed to get it back on the road. Then it immobalized itself somehow.

Its a 1998 e36 318is. At first, i thought it may have been the aftermarket toad alarm system. I have removed the aftermarket alarm system (toad) and reconnected everything as is from factory.
I then tried a few tips and tricks to bypass the ews2 module and have been able to get it to crank and sent juice to the starter. But there is still no spark or fuel.

Bmw are asking £230 for a new key with a new code to match my chassis number, but im not ready to pay that without any clear indications of it being the key at fault.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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