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Evening all!

Tricky one this.

Been having problems with the alarm on my early E39. It likes to go off a couple of minutes after being armed, but only when the cars been driven up to temperature.

I've tried a fair few things already so I'll cover that now.

If I leave it until the next day and then arm it, no activation. I disconnected the bonnet switch months ago due to a dodgy plug, so that's already ruled out. A mate of mine popped over and plugged his DIS into it which listed the previous reasons for activation, which pointed to the internal sensor. He suggested creaky dash components during cool down, so I disconnected the internal sensor (early type, no vents), but that made no difference. I'm currently trying the double button press on the remote to disable the internal sensor instead of just pulling it out and that's as far as I've got, but so far no activation.

Given that the removal of the apparently faulty component doesn't actually make any difference, I'm now looking at iffy wiring to that sensor or the controller, wherever/whatever that is - maybe some dodgy solder joints that are moving in the heat. Anyone know where this thing is?

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