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Hi all - i opened the main tailgate this afternoon and instead of the smooth single whirr it gave a somewhat manic buzz and then refused to self close and lock shut. I drove home with the tailgate unlocked and decided to have a look inside the tailgate - the manual release was stiff so i WD40'd it and then the gate locked itself again for a few tries but still with the manic noise instead of the 'whirr-click' and then silence ensued... the tailgate locks shut but no joy from pressing the button - not even the manic noise - and to open the main tailgate i have to open the top glass section, reach in and use the manual release.

I reckon the solenoid / actuator has gone duff on me given it still locks on the manual release - what do you guys think? or could it be something like a microswitch that senses when the door has been pressed shut? (how do these cars know the door is down and the lock needs closing?)

on an afternote - the solenoid looks to have been replaced in the past - it has 'E39 Touring' painted on it in white tippex, something i think a breakers yard would do...


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