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Hi all, I've just purchased a 1996 523i SE.
The questions are as follows:

Where is the battery located?
Does the single press on the key operate the dead locking immobiliser etc?
And where is the best place to get a users manual?

Thanks for any replies.

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Hi Mike:D

The battery will be located in the Boot on the driver side under a black plastic panel:thumbsup

Here's a picture of the battery in my 325tds Touring

With regards to operating the dead locking IIRC you have to turn the key to lock and hold it there for X amount of seconds. Hopefully another member will be able to confirm this for you:thumbsup

What do you need to know regarding manual? There are online manuals such as the Bentley Manual that you can download and they are very informative and assist with most jobs you need to carry out on your vehicle:cool
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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