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Hi, I did a search but I cannot find any guild on how to replace the lambda sensor. I need to replace the one that serves cylinders 4-6 is this the bank nearest the radiator? Is it do-able without jacking the car up as I'm away from home for the next few months and don't have axle stands etc. Secondly is there a way of clearing fault codes without a code reader as I don't have that with me at the moment either.
...and thirdly, is this sensor compatible? its Siemens, (who i believe make BM sensors) but not BMW branded.

"FRONT Lambda Sensor BMW 3 Series E36 2.8 , 2.8 328i E36 M52B28 Incl. Touring Siemens System - Titania Sensor"

Thansk in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts