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Hi first post so here goes.

So after winter re-connect battery and it goes flat. The alarm self arms itself after about 30 seconds regardless of whether the doors are locked or not and then the LED in the cab procedes to flash. Sometimes the alarm goes off for a laugh.
The key fob works: Locks, unlocks, and I can set and disarm the alarm so it appears to be OK as does the central locking. The immobiliser happily has not kicked in.

Having spent the last three days banging my head and looking at bills post etc, (very good bye the way:thumbsup) I thought somebody may have an idea of how to fix this.

In the short term I was considering disconnecting the thing . The alarm unit is located in the passengers footwell and there does not appear to be any evidence of water ingress. The question here is how do I do this safely? Can I just pull fuse 47, that is as if I can find the thing! Or do I disconnect the wiring harnesses?

Ta ever so
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