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my bmw is missfiring on 2 cylinders the 2 fault codes it came up with was coolant curcuit witch on auto data tells me to check the tempeture sensa although its working fine and the other one is throttle position sensa and im not sure if that could make it missfire like this wen i first start it up it runs ok for about 20 second then starts to miss really bad.
i changed the engine over on me 1996 e36 for a 1995 e36 but kept the inlet and wiring loom and i had to change the water temp sensor ,all plugs and coil pack are fine there r no air leeks,
and i was also wondering what the component was thats infront of the air box it has a brether pipe and it look like it runs back the tank or something but wen i conect the conector to it it stops sucking and runs a tad lumpy and wen i disconect it it runs a tag better.
if anyone can plz help me with this headache coz im having to borrow my friends orange boyracer pugeot. i would be extremly thankfull
1 - 2 of 2 Posts