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Hi all, I have had HIDs fitted to my cars for about five years now, all retrofit kits. First in my e34 and it was a really effective upgrade with good width and great reach that stretched further than cars traveling in front of me and never once got flashed or an mot fail, then i bought my e39 and the dipped beam was shockingly bad so i bought some new hid bulbs and transferred the ballast's and it was an improvement but nowhere near the e34,s lighting. So to now, i have started to investigate pre face lift projector head lights and it appears that halogen and HID (xenon) projectors are different but there's no explanation on what the differences are, and there is nothing on the pre face lift headlights!
The details i have found suggest that Xenon headlights use an oval reflector bowl and halogens use a round bowl but no-one is willing to stick their neck out on this. Others suggest that some halogen projectors work well with HID kits and some are shockingly bad.
So has anyone else fitted HIDs to a pre face lift e39 and were you happy or dissapointed with the results?
Depending what is said i may buy a new pair of aftermarket projectors like morimoto, fxr etc but also remove the inner glass lens then see if the projector unit can be brought forward so as to improve sideways reach and try a 50watt ballast.
Replacing the entire light assembly with a facelift pair still means upgrades so i am not even considering this as the cost will be daft.
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