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Went to start my car but thought as it was frozen, given the mishaps with my last bimmer i'd check the coolant first. Looked and in 100 miles it had used more than half the coolant!:jaw-dropping

So topped up and started the car to clear the ice off of the windows. Temp gauge reached half way but still no hot air :confused:shifty:

Having just bleed my car the other day i thought this was weird so again popped the hood and had a quick nosey gave the pipes a squeeze and it seems the gasket next to the thermo housing has gone as it was hissing at me and then looked down to spot this

Without getting under the car i cant tell if its the coolant bottle or just the hose/clamp! :mad

As i dont have a drive at the moment and its fooking freezing outside its a trip to the garage i didnt bloody need!
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