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Hello all, I'm still a bit of a noob here and will introduce myself properly once my car is sorted.
I have an e36 325 I will be using for drifting and am in the process of doing some preparation. I was under the car fitting a hydraulic handbrake a couple of nights ago and noticed a alot of oil around the gearbox area. This seems to have contaminated the rubber donut prop mount and this is falling to bits and all the cords are hanging out of it.
I assume the oil seals in the gearbox need replacing and the mount will also need doing. So questions are-
-Can anyone direct me to a guide on doing the gearbox seals.
-where can I get the parts from fairly cheaply? Eurocarparts do the rubber mount for £30odd but don't list the seals. I know BMW will be the best quality but money is tight.
-I have a spare box and prop from a 325 coupe I just broke, would you risk using that instead? Would it be easier to just swap the boxes over rather than messing with seals. I'll change the mount anyway.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone on here do a manual on a disk I can buy?
Cheers all.
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