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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could help with a problem I'm having trying to source a service manual, which covers my car & engine combo. About a year ago I picked up a spotless low mileage 95 BMW 520i se in orient blue (with all the tasty extra boxes ticked!!).
I've done a lot of general fettling and a few cosmetic modifications and upgrades, but need some sort of service manual to get much further.

I've found a Haynes manual covering E30's E34's to 1991, E39's with the M50 engine, and a Bentley manual for the facelift E34 - which only covers the 2.5 unit upwards. But none for the facelift model with the 2.0l M50 unit.

Ideally looking for something as 'paint by numbers' as Haynes - I've got reasonable experience working on my own cars, but I'm still not on to sorting big jobs yet... I only just found out my car had a VANOS system 10mins ago!

Any help would be appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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