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Hello, I'm looking for some info regarding either BBS LM 18" or 19". I have a few questions. The current rims I'm running are some Decorsa Maze's 19x8.0 sqaure set up with a 35 offset. This is what their website says is the specs for the wheel(however it also says they don't come in 5x120 bolt pattern yet they are on my car.)

Now the question. I'm running 225/35/19's all the way around. The rims I have now, fit and fit well. I have coilovers and my suspension is nice and stiff, so no rubbing at all. Is it likely that all the info about the wheels size and offset and bolt pattern will be on the wheel itself if I remove it? Because if possible I would like to run a BBS LM in 19" with the exact same specs so I would for sure know that I won't rub. If this isn't possible without rolling fenders, then I am quite happy to run the BBS LM 18x8 which for sure would fit, correct? Thanks for any help.

Anyone currently have BBS LM 19"'s on a e36?
Also, is it likely that the PO had something done in order to make the rims that are on my car now(afore mentioned decorsa's)fit?
I've been reading up and it's kind of sinking in but I'm still trying to wrap my head around camber and offset's, anyone with experience please chirp up. Thanks a bunch!
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