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Hi Guy's just when i have the old girl looking good and up and running the way i want it i get this problem.

The car has stood outside since Dec 30th so thought i would give her a blast up the road to the car wash and get rid of all that road salt from under her.

She started with half a turn of the key without any problems (well chuffed i was) then after a 4 mile run up to the garage i turned her off while i was in the queue waiting for my turn.

when i tried to start her again to drive into the wash it was spluttering and took a bit of starting but it did catch on after 20 seconds or so of turning the key.
I left her running in the wash then drove home without any problems turned her off and tried to start her again and she once again took some starting (spluttering and kind of missfirering type of sound)

Now i have left her for the rest of the day and went out to start her again tonight and she fired up no problems but once turned off and i tried to start her again she was back to the above symptoms.

I must admit the fuel is pretty low at the moment and it may be pulling some dirt in with the petrol but once running she is fine.
any ideas fella's:thumbsup
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