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Hey guys, how's it going?

After a painful moment at Esso some months ago, my spoiler was unceremoniously ripped off my 318i by the carwash. The spoiler that I had was a non-led afterfit jobbie that the last owner had put on. The only one's I can find that look as though they'll cover up the old marks is an M3 brakelight version. How hard are they to wire in and can anyone tell where they attatch on the bootlid? Right on the edge? A few inches in? Anyone in the southwest who could actually show me theirs? I don't want to buy one and then get stuck by finding it doesn't cover up the paint damage by the old one!

Cheers boys,


PS if anyone has one knocking around in Alpine White, I'd be more than happy to come to an arrangement :)

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I have had dealings with crappy aftermarket E36 spoilers before...

My advice would be to pay a bodyshop to respray the bootlid and then fit a genuine OEM BMW spoiler which you could get from most decent BMW breakers...

The fake ones are tacky fibreglass most often and usually start to sag in the middle...even if they are fitted correctly sometimes..
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