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Hi guys here's the situation.

I got out of my 318ti and armed the alarm when i returned to the car i couldn't unlock and un-arm it with the fob and when i use the key the alarm sounds and the car won't start.

Assuming it was the battery in the fob i got some replacements and went about dismantling the fob to change the batteries (which obviously weren't meant to be changed) and thus it still won't work.

I'm assuming the fob has now forgotten the code.

That night i removed the battery and with a mate towed the car home

I have located the module under the passenger foot well carpet. It has lots of black cables going to it, how do i now go about removing this so the car will work again?

I'm assuming one of the wires goes to the dash LED
one to each of the sensors
two go through the bulkhead towards the siren
and two head off behind the heater console.
and one to what is i'm guessing the indicators.

Is it linked into an immobiliser?

Please help.

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