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Is there a known way to read codes on a MS40 OBD I 1993 320i E36 car.

I bought Carsoft 8.4 300 euros and carsoft 6.5 65 euros. Both give me the same behavior:

it starts doing the diagnostic procedure. I get the red diodes tx rx blinking.
When the progress bar reaches the end, the progress bar falls back to 30% and goes up very fast then falls back to 30% and goes up very fast forever. tx rx blinking stops at this stage. I don't have any message from Carsoft. It just loops forever.

I was told to disconnect the ABS module, which I did. It did not change a thing.

The strange thing is that I don't have to put ignition 2 to get the voltage at the diagnostic plug.
Also all 3 diodes
K line 20
K line 17
L line 15
are all green, even when key is on ignition 0.

Point is: putting ignition 2 does not change described behavior.

Called Carsoft technical service and they haven't found a solution yet.

Thanks for any tips!
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