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Hi all, Hope i get get a point in the right direction here....

Here it goes :hihi

I currently own a e36 1993 1.6i which i want to make my 1st project car. I just took it to a mechanic who basically told me that it would be cheaper to get a reconditioned engine than fix the one i have in there now. I drives but only 2 out of 4 valves or pistons are working properly (or some thing along thoes lines)

I wanted to know if any one can tell me of any good sites or places i could contact to find a new/reconditioned engine at a decent price. I would idealy like it delivered to the garage i want to get the work done to save me having to move it myself.

Any advise would be MUCH appriceated as i dont know how long the current one will last but need to drive due to work commitments :frown

Cheers People!
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