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[I posted this before, but tried to add in "Aussie" to the title so as to attract the help I need from fellow countrymen. For some reason the title wouldn't edit, so I hope the moderator doesn't mind but I'd like to post again].

I've only had my 525i wagon for a short time and have been working through various things to fix on it.

Can anyone point me to a good source of parts in Australia? - better in Sydney where i am but not imperative.
I just don't seem to be able to find the stuff I need here and although overseas online stores aren't too badly priced, they either don't ship to Oz or if they do, that is very expensive.

In particular, I have to find -
-New pre-Cat Lambda (M50 motor).
-2 x bonnet gas struts (to stop the bonnet bouncing on my head all the time).
-1 or 2 (not sure) gas struts for the tailight glass section only. (tailgate itself seems okay).
-1 x drivers side high beam headlamp as mines cracked. Don't mind buying two matching if neccessary.

And there's going to be other stuff.
Can anyone in Oz please assist with some good suppliers - new and used?
I'm on the northern beaches of Sydney.
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