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Hi guys,

Got a problem with my wipers being schizophrenic (just like the missus:hihi) they will come on and stay on even though i havent turned them on intermittently, the wife did a 2 hour trip last week with them on constantly and she couldn't turn them off. When the car is turned off then restarted they will be OK sometimes for maybe half a mile, then all hell will break lose and they will go on one!

So i did a bit of research and a lot of people are suggesting wiper relay, which people said is behind the glovebox, there is no wiper relay behind the glovebox on mine as i've just checked, but under the steering wheel is the control module for the wipers which i just bought off ebay here.

Is there anything else that could be causing this problem, incase the new module doesn't work? Some people said it didn't fix it for them, i just want to be prepared as i need it sorting ASAP


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