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HI, hi, hi

My name is mr acorn, bcos even though im 39 years im still a young nut!.

I know what your thinking........" i bet he thinks he's funny".

My name is mr acorn because i have a house and office removals business in the Bridgwater area of Somerset, i dont drink cider my tipple is jd & coke.

Ok so to business, i am after some help, i have recently bought a 318 coupe e30, she is gorgeous, in dolphin grey(the best colour:thumbsup), took me 6 months to find her and im am over the moon with her condition.
I am using her for rallying, so we have fitted a full weld in cage, seats and harnesses, i would like to change the diff ratio in the 325 lsd unit fitted, i have been told that the e34 520 12valve has a 4.44 ratio, can this be confirmed & does any one have one lying around or know of one.
i could also do with some insight into the difficulty of fitting an evo kit to her to run wider tyres.

Thats it really, hope someone has the answer, it would be very much appreciated.

cheers to all

mr acorn:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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