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HELP NEEDED 1984 E23 735csi idle ecu problems 7871234

Car would not start ecu bosch 0 261 200 043 pulled after car had no spark it was uncertain that this ecu was the right one as it is cross ref as an ecu for b7 alpina. Replaced with 0 261 200 060 from 85/86 auto, started straight away however idles for 30 seconds at 1000 rpm and then drops to550 rpm and idles rough for 30 seconds and then back to 1000 rpm idles ok repeats this cycle continually. Car is australian delivered automatic.with no idle controller operated when ignition is on this came with later models 86 0nwards. Can anyone help?
Or provide direct link to a good ecu x reference site. I believe an ecu 0 261-200 059 might work, i have one in my 86 e28 m535. I am not shure what is in my 84 635csi. CAN ANYBODY CROSS REF BMW PT No 12141706192/194 TO A BOSCH PT No??????????
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