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i have a 120d e81 57 plate i recently had the gearbox replaced for a second hand one as mine was making noises and had the clutch plate replaced this was 6 months ago now every now and again the clutch judders when setting off .
Also the dpf warning light the (yellow one) has just lit up i have added a full tank of fuel with dpf cleaner added which seems to sort it out after a good run but as soon as the fuel with added cleaner runs out and is replaced with just fuel it comes back on i do a lot of motorway miles so its not down to short runs .
Also the last time i had it to a garage he said that the diagnostics found there was a problem with my glow plugs but as the car started first time every time i didnt bother getting it seen to .
as i have read the regeneration of the dpf is assisted by the glow plugs could this be the reason for the dpf light .
did a 100 mile run yesterday and fuel economy stayed constant and didnt drop indicating no regen took place .
as the garages charge a lot for a diagnostic i am thinking about buying a cable and software from e bay to do it myself i can also change the glow plugs as i am good at mechanics and changed my mk5 golf glow plugs .
what are your thoughts & recommendations
kind regards Glenn
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