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Hello guys,

Can someone please help me with my problem, I have a '05 X3 and still have the original OEM disc.

What I am after is a updated disc that will give me the option enter a postcode search.

I'm not particularly bothered about any other options like POI's, camera's or anything like that, but if a version comes with it its a bonus.

I have done a search on the forum and come up with some info to a certain degree, but not the complete answer.

Does anyone know what the best version to get would be and the best place to get it. Don't really fancy going to the stealers and paying £200+

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Suits

the bmw sat nav cannot take full postcodes, it is pathetic i know, but we just have to live with it. I experienced to my disbelief that i could not navigate to a city centre destination with the postcode i had and it had no record of the street name i had for this particular city.

You'd be miles better off buying a cheap tom tom i can tell you.

The bmw sat nav is only good if you want to go to a museum or a hilton hotel (for example) in a major city. Post code entry is a biatch!

I'll try and do some searches for you to see if there is a "workaround". Red :)
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