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Hey all- am going through what seems to be a common issue for most owners once the car reaches a certain age. There's quite a few posts on similar problems but nothing recent, so I'm hoping there's newer solutions now.

The integrated BMW alarm goes off at very random (and inopportune!) moments- not exactly a good thing if one lives in an apartment building with parking!

A few notes:
- OBD scan revealed that the under-bonnet sensor & central locking module were faulty
- Via BMW diagnostics software I had the bonnet, interior and boot sensors disabled
- Alarm still goes off randomly
- Manual Key lock (key in door) locks the car and does not arm the alarm, but remote locking arms it
- A few forum posts indicated to pull out the fuses related to the Theft system (49 & 67 if i remember right); this doesn't work for my car as one fuse disabled the interior lights, and the other disabled the central locking & door close window-lift (coupe) function

Car theft is non-existent in Sri Lanka, so I've been wondering if there's a way to completely disable the alarm via BMW software, before i think of replacing the central locking module?

Any other suggestions and thoughts are welcome- thanks ahead!
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