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  1. Not been on for 10 years!

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Wow just logged on again after a long spell away, owned an E36 316 in 2009 it ran out of mot and I sold it and bought a MK2 golf. After 5 MK2 golfs and 3 mk4s it's time for another BMW. Restoring my MK2 GTi back to original spec at the moment and I've missed a fast petrol car badly, so after...
  2. First BMW after 47 years

    After 47 years of driving I have at last got round to purchasing my first BMW. Being hooked on convertibles for a number of years (XR3i Mk 4, Saab 93 2.3 SE, Volvo C70 mk2 2.4i and Saab 93 Anniversary Aero) I decided to break the bank balance and go for a BMW Series 4 convertible M Sport 420d as...
  3. 30 years since I owned a Bimmer

    Had a 316 or 318, can’t remember which, FOD231Y, sold it to a guy in Northampton who was on the railways (signalman?) Anyway, fast forward through a Vauxhall Chavalier, Pug 405, 306, Montego estate, Honda Accord, and a trio of Alfas and what should come around next? We shall find out later...
  4. Anyone else been done by next years Low emission zone in London?

    General BMW Discussions
    Well that me selling my E39 diesel this christmas. Those not worried are going to be getting bargains as 1000's of cars are just going to be dumped . Madess...
  5. Back after 6 years - what a 50th!

    General BMW Discussions
    Well, the last time I was on this forum was about 6 years ago. At that stage I swapped the E61 for a Lexus. My 50th Birthday was a a couple of days ago and my son blew me away by presenting me with a 98 E39 that he bought 9 months ago and had been gently restoring ready for the big day. What a...
  6. First BMW for 25 years

    Hello all My last BMW was a black E30 318i. I think I paid £850 for it from recollection. Yesterday, after a 25 year gap, I picked up my second BMW; a metallic fern green E36 328i manual cabriolet. Only 60,000 miles on the clock and completely original, I'm planning to get it as close to mint...
  7. Will your car be worthless in five years? Diesel gate... continues.

    General BMW Discussions
    Headlines in the press indicate its over for diesel.... I clearly have been living under a rock, I was not paying attention. Cars that are Euro 5 are gonna be hit. Euro 6 cars are ok for now but their value have seen 40% drops this year. And those driving older cars get virtually paid to...
  8. Newbie in Scotland but had my E39 for 12 years

    Hi Folks, New to the forum. I have a 2002 manual 530 Touring E39 I have owned her for 12 years so thought it was about time is signed up. I also have a VWT5 and just sold my old aircooled T25.:thumbsup Some great information on here.
  9. Returning to BMW after many years - now with 2007 E93 325i cabriolet

    Hi folks, I've been browsing the forum for the past few weeks since I collected my new toy - have already found it very useful ! About 5 weeks ago I picked up a tidy 2007 E93 325i in decent condition, I collected it the the night before flying to Denmark for 2 weeks visiting family over there...
  10. Free at last after all thesae years of waiting

    So the kids have now flown and grand-children have started to arrive finally after all these years of self sacrifice I am finally free and went out and bought a 645 2004 convertible with a 67K reading which appears genuine. It was a Bournemouth cruiser for so many years and appears a genuine...
  11. 1 Years NCB Discount - £10

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hey all, Interested to hear opinions on NCB and associated discount. Many insurers make claims of 30% NCB discount on their websites. On my renewal document, having now earned 1 years NCB, they saw fit to reduce my renewal premium from £630 to £620..... Not impressed to say the least...
  12. e21 320 been standing years - engine recommission advice needed!

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    I've just picked up an E21 which I've had my eye on for years. My car has been standing for a good few years in a garage which fortunately enough was pretty dry. It's not completely escaped rust around the exposed metal and edges along sill, suspension components etc, but has done well and the...
  13. Two years of bizarre hesitation with no answers. Could it possibly be . . .?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    . . . me, and my left foot braking? Kind forum members suggested the Traction control, and several other things, and for a day or so it was fine - but then it often was. I was convinced it was to do with strong electrical fields as it seemed to happen in the same locations time and time again...
  14. 2002 e46 325ti sport (mtec). Mothballed for over two years, bringing it back to life.

    Been away, now back. So this isnt the usual introduction, this is a 'I have returned', introduction. So rather than just say that, I figured I should say a bit more about getting 'Dino' back on the road. My mrs named the car by the way. This pic is from happier times. Both showing a car...
  15. 316 TI (2002) Standing still for 7 years. (more or less)

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi everyone. I am new on this site, but I believe I have come to the right place for some good advice. I have had a 316TI Compact (2002)[/B] standing in a garage and untouched, for 3 years. It was moved on to the drive way for a further 6 months, then driven about 4-500 Km to Denmark, where it...
  16. E39 535i - parked up for 5 years, starts fine but won't select gear

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi all My 535i has been parked up for 5 years. Inserted new battery and started without any problems, however will not move out of park on the selector lever. Key is not stuck in ignition, selector lever releases on depressing brake peddle and pressing lever lock so all ok there. Lever will...
  17. youngest e31 driver (only 8 years)

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
  18. Brand New tyres delivered today that are nearly 9 years old???

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi All, I needed a couple of front tyres so found a dealer online (ebay) who said Brand New old stock so I bought them. They arrived today but the manufactured date is 13/08 (week 13 2008). I have immediately got on to the seller who assures me they are from a Pirelli distributor and have...
  19. Service interval of 2 years+ ?

    General BMW Discussions
    I bought my first 2nd hand BMW 3 series M Sport last August - I've been very happy with it so far, but realised recently that I hadn't had it serviced yet. I called PMW in Chelmsford (garage recommended on this site) to ask what sort of ballpark time/money I'd be looking at and they advised I...
  20. Newbie returning to BMW after four years.

    Hi, I'm Darren. I've just joined and I'm about to take delivery of a Protonic Red I8. I really didn't expect to be back at BMW after not enjoying three years with 320d (2010-12) company car. However, the I8 blew me away when I drove it and my first (Jag F Type) and second (911) preferences just...