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  1. Xmas lights on dashboard

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Twice now when I reach around 60mph type pressure, abs, parking brake and cruise control alarms come on but if you end the journey turn the car off then on they all reset. Any ideas speed sensor maybe
  2. @@ E93 - INPA - 5E46 Fault code Please help - Cant Initialise DSC Dashboard looks an Xmas tree

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Ok let me tell you a story. I was on the M25 in my E93 2008 ( Automatic ) and my tyre flat warning light came up and DSC failure lights. I drove to the local petrol station. Found a crack in my MV4 ( second time replaced ) tyre was losing pressure. As I had changed to non run flats I pumped up...
  3. Lane drifting and accidents over xmas period.

    BFuk Open Topic
    I noticed that over the holidays there that people seem to drive so much worse than usual. I had 3 people in one day near drive into me. I was diriving perfectly fine in my lane heading towards motorway. My lane was for going right and the left lane beside me is a straight for heading into town...
  4. BW chiptune xmas offers

    Bwchiptune Shop
    Hi Jason are you doing the Xmas remap offers this year? kindest regards
  5. clubsport dash lit up like xmas tree

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I was sat at some traffic lights then when i pulled away all my brake lights came on. abs, handbrake, brake pads and traction control light. any ideas what this could be? im hoping for an abs sensor or something silly and not an expensive module
  6. Labour time before I get ripped off By the garage on Xmas eve

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Any one know the time needed to change a radiator on a 318i saloon Got the rad for 50 quid from Eurocarparts Sent from Free App
  7. Early Xmas present from bwchiptune!

    Bwchiptune Shop
    Paid a visit to BW today to get the Xmas remap offer which was going. And what a outstanding team! Along side an mind blowing remap! All I have on my e46 320D is a 2.5" turbo back straight through system. Which was running near stock 150bhp and 260 ft/lbs rather than 243. Here are my results...
  8. XMAS & New Year

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi all members... A brilliant Xmas and all best wishes for 2014. Hayden:D
  9. E46 330d Auto 04 - Xmas Remap

    BWchiptune Feedback Forum
    Just want thank Jason and his team at BWChipTune for the work they did on my car, the service was great at a good price. The impact of the finished work was amazing, I would recommended them :thumbsup Viz
  10. e60 530d xmas offer

    BWchiptune Feedback Forum
    massive thanks to Jason and his staff for remapping my car today. went for a torquey map, Jason spent a long time sorting the map and giving me a nice power curve. car felt great on the test drive and even better the more it was driven. looking forward to using it now. well worth the drive...
  11. Hi Peeps, BAD Xmas for me and my car :(

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey Guys and Girls, Hope you all had a better Xmas and New year then me, as on the evening of boxing day i had my car done over, now needing a new bonnet, window screen, dent in the roof, dent and scratch in the rear door and damaged front bumber, yep thats right and now been told its £3500.00...
  12. Round trip to Eindhoven over xmas - British roads suck!!

    General BMW Discussions
    Owning a convertible that is a few years old now I have little rattles and shakes when going down most UK roads.... From the minute I arrived in Dunkerque I did not hear a peep. What a brilliant drive it was. Got about 30 mpg ver the 600-700 miles and the car didn't miss a beat....had the pedal...
  13. Merry fcuking xmas...!! :(

    BFuk Open Topic
    Gutted!! Never Kerbed a wheel in my life. Last night in a rush parked my motor at a mates house and for some reason turned my steering wheel at the last minute!!! :frown Only just paid £200 to get the wheels refurbed in black!! Any advice? Just mask the area and spray? Or does it need to be...
  14. Merry xmas to you all....!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    have a great xmas peoples and a great new year...!!
  15. what did santa bring you car related for xmas

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well guys i finally get to start that relates to everyone so lets see if i can get this going lol. What did santa bring you for your cars? In car entertainment, performance parts, cleaning equipment etc. Will be interesting to see how many ppl are that addicted to theyre cars theyre joy from...
  16. Got an early xmas present!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Girlfriend came in tonight and sais she had my xmas present early as we had book flights, celtic vs rangers tickets on the 28th f**k yeahhhhh :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Northampton Xmas meet 11-12-11... pics and chat

    Forum Meets Pictures Album
    Great day out, good to see everyone again, thanks to "half plate" Seb for all the arranging...heres a few pics Pride of place and number 1 in the list goes to Bill....special award as i've never seen his car anything but spotless :hihi Bimmerforum ladies...sat...
  18. No mission of selling the car before xmas?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Had the car up the past two weeks no calls even dropping a grand :jawdropping think it may just be due to the xmas period? Chris --- - Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk