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    here's one for dailydoggy from his favourite forum BarryBoys enjoy folks if you have not looked through this site before be careful it can scar you for life :hihi • View topic - WFS BMW X5s
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    Morning all, Im considering buying an X5 3.0d sport 2003. Im wondering what sort of MPG on a run and round town it will give? Also Miles per tank and cost to fill up? If i go to view one what sort of things should i look out for anything major at certain mileages? im not too fussed about...
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    The snow and ice is so bad where I am that I was seriously thinking about going and chipping in my 735 against an old-ish X5 (with a huge V8 petrol of course) but I was just thinking that this has to be the worst time possible to do such a thing. Never mind that they would give me 2 pence for...