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  1. Introductions
    Hi all, New to the forums but not BMW, had them for the last 15yrs including a small stint in an e46 M3 back when I had a bit of coin :rofl, now I've got less money than a homeless herion addict my current steed is a 2007 325d m sport thats been remapped and it does nip on! Now i'm not very...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    Hi All Just thought I'd share my woes with you all to save anyone else suffering what I have. 2003 E46 330d 5sp Auto Touring had FSH, 99k miles well maintained and on commute home it suddenly slipped out of gear and lost all drive. I had it recovered to a gearbox specialist who have informed me...
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Just had a goldish/limey coloured 4 series Ms port pass me in opposite direction.looked like a hard top convertible type. Jeeeez this is without doubt the nicest looking CAR ( never mind BMW) I think I've ever seen. Jaw dropping, stunning , no superlatives left. F'in gorgeous No idea if it was...
  4. General BMW Discussions
    As some may know I had set aside the bank holiday weekend to install a set of coilovers, uprated discs, pads and brake lines (as well as a few other bits). However it didn't all go to plan as I managed to sheer the o/s kingpin bolt, snap the rear n/s brake pipe and I discovered that quite a few...
  5. BFuk Open Topic
    ...and suddenly you get panic buying fuel. Took me fooking ages to get home due to queues outside stations :sarcastic. And now I have to fill up cos of that :hihi
  6. Introductions
    Hi people... New to the forum here, after just purchasing a 540i (1998) Though I best join as ill be spending more time needing info on it than driving it with the price of fuel. Im going to have a look round your fine forum over the next few days and get to know it. Im the mean time, if you...
  7. BFuk Open Topic
    when typing fast, words are going under box..... just up from post Icons. anyelse having the same?
  8. BFuk Open Topic
    I've used a translator and it's come out Vuxi... which is good. Does anyone know the actual word for it - the reason is my misus wants a nail technician website (for doing mobile... stupid money for fa work) and she loves that word. can someone clear this up for me... if someone who knows...
  9. BFuk Open Topic
    my old mucka who i grew up with has a landrover series 3 a range rover v8 and a vfr750, he never married and lives how he wants, hes alway had contempt for anything that aint a landrover type thing, he did however express an intrest in both bmws ive owned, he actually liked them. now to cut to...
  10. BFuk Open Topic
    I have noticed lately that if i make a mistake when writing on here or on word and go back to correct it, eg (if the word i wrote is start and i missed the t out, i would move the curser next to the s and type in t, but then the a dissapears as the t replaces it??? why
  11. BFuk Open Topic
    This was done on another forum years ago. It works like this, you type three words to join the end of the story so far (only 3 words). I'll start here and see where it goes. A Bimmerforums user.....
  12. BFuk Open Topic
    WE WIN!! YouTube - Germany National Anthem :thumbsup:lol Always will be the better country:applause
  13. BFuk Open Topic
    hi all, this has been done before but its funny and we all get bored :hihi rules are simple, only three words allowed per reply, when enough people join it becomes a story (sort of) :hihi and i promise, it should make you laugh :hihi so ill go 1st.... :D There was this