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    Following a recent post reccomending kevin @BM Wizard in Oswestry i decided to get in touch and make the trip over from Leeds. I have been wanting the auto gearbox oil changed for some, having contacted a few local indys for a price i found that they were unsure about the parts needed and exact...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    as title realy im thinking that while my hartop is black what would it be like with the centres changed from blue to black?
  3. Autobrite Direct Bimmerforums Shop
    NEW PRODUCT NEWS FLASH! COMING SOON!! Yes we have it, well not quite yet - stock is on its way:thumb: There will be a new Wheel Cleaner and we will be also doing a Detox Spray for the paintwork too!;) Before you ask, its not Wolfs or Iron X ;) many thanks for looking and here is a wee sample...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    i'm fitting a Wizard of NOS nitrous oxide system to my motorbike. just thought i'd let you know as i daren't mention it to the wife. :jaw-dropping