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  1. Hello, best wishes from newbie in Antrim.

    Hey! My name is Vegas and My pride 730d sport 2007! We are located in antrim, Ni...
  2. New 640d Gran Coupe owner who wishes he wasn't!

    Hi all. Reside NE London, work Hertfordshire. This is my 28th consecutive car - I had two 3 series MKIIs back in the day, but since it's been VW, Alfa and Jag (mainly). Last Wednesday I traded my XF 3.0S in for a new 340d Gran Coupe with a lengthy spec and a 500 mile trip at the weekend made me...
  3. Somene WISHES they had a Beemer!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    What car do you reckon this actually is? I can't even tell....
  4. thanks for birthday wishes

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    hi just a thankyou to you all you rock!
  5. The First Bimmerforums Wedding - Mr & Mrs Rym are now married - photo's included

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    As I think we all know, it is not long until an extremely valued member of the team gets hitched. I have started this thread so we can post our best wishes, and give the best man the longest list of wishes to read out ever ! PLEASE KEEP IT TO JUST THAT SO THE HAPPY COUPLE CAN HAVE A LITTLE...