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  1. Greetings from the Isle of Wight

    Hi Guys and Gals I am enthusiastic DIY-er / self taught mechanic (in my spare time, otherwise I'm a full time anaesthetist). My background is with Volvo, but I'm helping a friend of mine fix a 2001 1.9 Z3 (M43) so there will be some questions coming and some experience shared. Thank you all...
  2. Hello from the sunny Isle of Wight

    Hello all. Been a member for a while but been busy so not got round to posting up. I've got an E46 325ti sport compact. My first BMW and a very nice car. Had a few faults but gradually ironing them out. I bought it as a second family car and also to use on trackdays, sprints and autotesting at...
  3. Isle of wight

    Motech Performance Shop
    Anyone form the Isle of wight that are after mapping ?? Thanks Mike
  4. newbie from isle of wight

    Hi, recently bought a 325ti, live on the sunniest isle (well it is today) love the car, few little problems id like to fix but nothing too drastic i hope lol hes called gold member..
  5. Hello from the isle of wight, new 118d owner

    Well, after years of rubbish cars, I took the plunge... £12,995 for a 58 plate 118d m sport, le mans blue with 22000 miles on the clock from an approved stealer after some negotiation. picking up next week! I have some options that I'd love to be elaborated on, I don't have much information to...
  6. Isle of Wight meet?

    Southern UK Meets
    Ok so i'd be up for going to England land now and then when work allows but with the cost of ferries to add on could get expensive, so wondered if it'd be do-able/enough interest to arrange something on the island (as long as I don't get picked on for having an old e34 525), there seems to be a...
  7. Newbie on the Isle of Wight

    Hi all, found this site looking for info on how to make the ski hole in the back seat to be able to put my fishing rods in the car (my first e34 already had the hole) I first become a BM fan about 4 years ago when I got my first a '94 520, I had it for about a year then kind of accidently bought...
  8. Hello from the isle of wight!!!

    Hello! A friend said to join the forums so here I am! im 22 and from the iow :) Anyways Im on my second bimmer at the mo shes a 1992 320i coupe, baught her cheap localy and when I got her home she started to over heat (exactly the same as the first one i baught, cursed i swear haha) so after...
  9. newby from isle of wight

    hey hey, new 2 site, check out my pics, e36 m60 v8 project, nearly finished!! Let me know your thoughts!
  10. Hello from the Isle of Wight

    Hi everybody, Joined this forum as it seems quite comprehensive and I Forking love BMW's. Currently on my 3rd E36 and my second 328i. My BMW history goes like this: E36 316i Saloon (White) - had for 2 years and got me hooked, sold to a mate for pennies as it wasn't a clean example at all...
  11. Newbie from the Isle of wight

    Hi people, Heres a little about myself, I'm 26, i come from the isle of wight, i'v owned four bmws, the first was a e36 318is coupe, second was a e36 328i coupe, third was a e36 328i sport coupe and i now am a proud owner of a 1994 e36 m3 coupe. Really looking forward to getting good...