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    from twitter Discovery Channel UK‏Verified account @discoveryUK 3h3 hours ago Join @mikebrewer and @antAnstead for brand new #WheelerDealers, as they find and fix the most iconic cars around. Coming 1st Jan 2018. 1st car will be a ford escort cosworth
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    I've been watching episodes of this since 2008 (some of the recordings go back to 2005) and just wish Mike Brewer and Ed China would stop shaking hands (several times each episode) and greeting each other like they haven't seen each other for ages (yeah, I know, it's just for tv).:sarcastic...
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    just a heads up for you 2002ti lovers out there :cool Wheeler Dealers » BMW 2002TII
  4. E36
    Back after a long absence from the forum so I thought I'd share my latest misadventure. As I already have 4 x E36s (all on the road) I needed another one like a hole in the head, then this popped up on eBay looking sorry for itself. Spec as follows... October 95' 320i (M52) Manual, Hellrot...
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    Anyone see this tonight,used a machine to flush the engine out on an xk jag and it reduced the hydrocarbons dramatically,bit of a joke or what do you think,said it cost £70? Steve
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    Discovery 9 pm tonight, wheeler dealers M5 :thumbsup
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    Just watching this at the min, there spanking up a 20 year old merc 230E, as classy as some people may think they are, I don't! 20 year old BM's outclass them in so many ways and survived the turn of time to still look great now!
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    Discovery shed :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bet most of the forum memebers have seen this is episode on PICK TV or Dave. After waiting it myself today Man I WANT one! :) sounds Amazing and looks like it drivers like a dream... Only a few things wrong with this one..doggy gearbox and a new interior and refurb alloys and a for a bonus a...
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    tuesday 9pm...DISCOVERY channel...
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    On Discovery Turbo now , if anyone's bored..:)
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    As title says Channel 521
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    channel 271 on virgin media, or disc rt, 9 pm till 10pm, mike brewer is keen to find an example of the legendary high-performance bmw m3 e36 convertable for his next project! then he worries about blowing the budget. lol:hihi make this a sticky mods, might have some good info on buyers guide...