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  1. South West Region Meets
    I'm organising a meet with several bmw forums at the full quart on the A370 just outside weston These meets used to be very succesful but seemed to die out about a year ago, so I thought I'd give it a shot at getting them up and running again. All are welcome so feel free to get your names down...
  2. South West Region Meets
    As title, looking for someone as don't have a dealer or independant around here:thumbsup
  3. South West Region Meets
    My baby went in for her first MOT as my pride and joy and failed... On 1 rear bulb and a side repeater! Sorted out the bulb as the cluster was tarnished so cleaned that up and it now works spot on! Yet I am unable to find any-one who stocks side repeaters and they are all saying Monday for...
  4. Introductions
    Hi guys and girls. I'm dan from...... You guessed it Weston super mare. I have just got myself a E36 323i coupe in black on a P reg. The car has hit 200k but drives very nice indeed. Have a few small niggles like knocking from the front passenger side somewhere and traction light on constantly...
  5. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    Hi, Spotted a very nice looking Silver E46 Touring lowered on X5 wheels in weston super mare at the weekend. i was sat behind you :thumbsup Anyone here? Stu
  6. South West Region Meets
    Hi guys, looks like our invitation has got lost so thought I'd post it up as it's getting quite close. Ian
  7. South West Region Meets
    Hi all, theres another meet at The Full Quart, Hewish, Weston Super Mare (BS24 6RT), on Sunday the 13th March starting at 2pm, it's a great pub, nice food, come along for a chinwag with some great BM owners! Please pop your name down, Tim.
  8. South West Region Meets
    After the sucess of the meet at the end of November, this has now become a monthly meet, usaully for second Sunday of the month, the next one will be on the 9th January starting at 2pm. Again at The Full Quart, Hewish (BS246RT), if more directions are required please say.
  9. South West Region Meets
    This months Weston meet will be at The Full Quart (BS24 6RT) again, this time 1:30 pm as it was getting a bit dark at the end last time. Lets see how many names we can get! 1: v8 boy 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:
  10. South West Region Meets
    Again at the Full Quart pub (BS24 6RT) But this time at 2pm, as 10am was really too early for most (me included!). Hope to get a few names down for this!
  11. South West Region Meets
    hi, theres going to be a south west meet at the Full Quart, Weston Super Mare on Sunday the 10th of October, all bmw's welcome. time yet to be confirmed! Say if your interested!
  12. South West Region Meets
    I'll be spectating the rally held by Weston Super Mare Motorclub on Sunday 31st January @ Weston Super mare Airfield if anyone is interested in popping a long to have a chat and see some motorsport action? There's a couple of bimmers in the rally as well if that helps entice some of you :silly...
1-12 of 13 Results