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  1. 2012 Santa Pod Raceways Weekender 15th & 16th Sep Chit Chat Thread

    National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Hi guys Well firstly let me explian that i will not be attending or sorting out the shows this year, due partly to not having a Bmw, but dont PLEASE let that stop you guys, this is a fanstastic weekender with great members and a bloody good laugh if you staying on the sat/ sunday Camping is...
  2. BMW Show Santa Pod weekender 2011 chat thread

    National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Well the national meet crew are back with the first of many and this one last year was proper mental:thumbsup:thumbsup and some nice person at santa pod have desided to move it to the summer thank god:cool:cool so this will be the biggest and the best if the weather is as it suppose to...