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    Hi all, Can anyone help me locate the wiring diagram for the Sport Button within the WDS diagrams please? Or the EDC Button from a M5? The button reference is S13938, named "Switch, driving dynamics control" but I can't find any diagram referencing this. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Yes I know you can view the thing online but for some reason my laptop doesn't like it, So iv been trying to find a hard copy to try it that way Thanks
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    A little question which I hope someone on here maybe able to help. Have got the WDS DVD for BMWs and trying to get the schematic for the rear wiper motor wiring. Can get my car via entering the VIN number but can not get any of the wiring diagrams up. When I enter wiper in the search box I get...
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    Had a quick check and couldn't see that this was already posted? - if it is then mods/admin please feel free to delete - below is a link for wiring diagram and troubleshooting docs for most models: LINKS :D