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    Hi after reading the horror stories on rust with the e46, do you think it is a good preventative measure to get this done Waxoyl Treatment & Application Land Rover Defender Discovery Jaguar Mercedes It is 340quid for basic chassis protection. I could try to do it myself, but I'm not sure that I...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    Hi Am trying to find out the most usual method of unberbody rust protection? I read the aerosol can but it doesnt say anything about underbody use... I would have to get it on a ramp but can sort that out Thanks
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    As the weather was good yesterday, i waxoyled the car in readiness for another harsh winter:thumbsup The directions on the can stated to cover the complete underside Inc. Brake lines/hoses, Suspension mounts/joints, fuel tanks etc. etc... Keeping away from the exhaust. It also had a warning...
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    I have a 2002 Compact and at the moment it is in very good order, with one previous private owner since new and full history with 50k on the clock. There is no rust on it whatsoever and i want to keep it that way. I had read a post about putting Waxoyl on the inside of the wings etc. Well i...
  5. General BMW Discussions
    Hi in the next few weeks i`1ll be getting some welding done on my jacking points. After thats been done i want to wax oil inside the sills to stop them rusting for a while so i want to know how much way oil should i get.My car is a e36 saloon?