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  1. Viezu remaps

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi there people, I'm considering buying a 320d (E90) that has been recently remapped by Viezu ( I've never heard of this company, does anyone have any experience of them? Are they reputable?? Any advice appreciated.
  2. 2000 E39 530D Viezu v-switch ecu remapping device

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi I am new to the forum and have just got my self a 2000 530D with about 80k miles on the clock I am think of getting it remapped and I was thinking about the VIEZU V-SWITCH ECU hand held remapping switch I was wondering if anyone has used one of these
  3. 2007 E90 335D DMS or Viezu Remaps?

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi Guys, Just wanted to find out if anyone has had much experience with these 2 respectable remapping companies and how they compare to each other? I am looking to remap my 335d and wanted to know which one gives the best performance gains and after sales support? Also is it worth getting a...