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  1. E61 535d clattering/clicking sound from rear when under acceleration (vids)

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Recently noticed my car sometimes making a clattering sound coming from the rear when under acceleration.. See the two videos below where you can hear it at speed and also going slower.. The sound comes and goes (sometimes it's not there at all) but when it is, it's only when the car is in...
  2. BMW M6 a month of mods pics and vids

    Hi Guys Well First got the beast and the plan was to leave her stock but I can never help myself with my cars so the modding began 2 weeks after I collected it lol Pics of when I first got it Since then the list of mods are REMAPPED & DERESTRICTED (this has transformed the car...
  3. 645 v8 custom exhaust done vids :-)

    BMW Tuning Forum
    New mod guys and boy do I love it :) wish I had done it sooner Custom exhaust and it now sounds like a monster! Very American muscle sounding! Enjoy.....
  4. 1999 318i E46 Car now cutting out! - (PROBLEM FOUND, help with resolution) pics an vids added please

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    At all & how?
  5. Some nice BM vids...

    General BMW Discussions
    Videos News decent site in general, good iPhone app also. that M1 AHG sounds GOOOOOD...ENJOY!
  6. E36 323i Roadtrip vids through the Alps

    BFuk Open Topic
    For those of you who maybe interested here are a few little vids of my cruise through the Alps during my holiday in Nice. I had been driving for around 9 hours up till this point via the smaller French B roads from my overnight stop in Nancy so forgive the lack of enthusiasm on the loud pedal...
  7. Posting youtube vids

    BFuk Open Topic
    Morning folks, Was just watching Dogsoldiers vids and it reminded me to ask this. How do you post the vids without it just being a link, or having all the writing on the page? Ive wanted to put up a couple of music vids before when folk have asked about favourites...