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  1. Badger vs 535d @ 50mph = very unhappy person

    General BMW Discussions
    Had the car 9 day and Mr badge decides to go for a walk across the road at night in a bend. :-(
  2. 325ci 03 125k engine light + unhappy engine

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Just joined to hope to find a little more info what's wrong with my bmw. Sadly was also getting ready to sell. Engine light popped up few days ago as I pulled over. Lumpy with a squeal coming from under bonnet. in and out of power but squeal does go, Seems to be less at 2k revs and whilst I'm...
  3. Hello from unhappy bmw owner

    Hi all i Own a 1997 328i touring with a blown head:frown now going to the other sections to ask lots of questions on my options ;)