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  1. E84
    I was wondering if there is anybody local to me in the northwest that would be able to code enhanced Bluetooth for me on my 2013 x1 e84 willing to pay just don’t have the equipment to do it myself thanks in advance
  2. Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, just to let you know that you can benefit from Chris Knott's UK Breakdown Cover discount offer this month - Our comprehensive cover (which includes HomeStart) normally costs just £63 for the year...
  3. BMW 2 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW F22
    Hi guys new on here, was looking for an answer for this everywhere and couldn't find one. Does anybody know the answer? I know the Competition has the OPF, but wasn't sure about the normal M2? If some of them have got it is there a way to know so I don't end up buying one with it?
  4. Introductions
    Hi folks. Thanks for adding me. My Beemer history is fairly extensive. An E30 318i Sport convertible. An E30 325i Sport convertible. An E30 335i track car. An E46 330i Sport Touring. An E46 330 Ci coupe manual and I'm now on to my second one of those - pic attached. I bought it recently with...
  5. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    I would like to share an experience with BMW Park Lane in London in order to protect other potential BMW buyers for the unprofessional practices of BMW Park Lane. In 2016 I purchased a new BMW X3 at BMW Park Lane including the BMW Service Inclusive Package. This Service Package does cover the...
  6. BMW 4 Series - Tech Talk F32,F33,F36,F82,F83
    Hi all To cut a long story short, I have a base Stereo system (4 door speakers, 2 under seat woofers, no tweeters, no amp) and I am in the market to upgrade to a semi decent system with an amp. I have the NBT HU thankfully. I see there is a harness that can be bought in the US that allows you...
  7. BMW Engine Conversions
    I'm Portuguese and I'm living in the UK now and there it's only legal to swap your engine by one with the same size so I was wondering if it's legal in the UK to swap with a bigger one...
  8. BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Hi, first time poster here. I've recently bought a damaged BMW 640D Coupe 2016 and both headlights need replacing. It has LED Adaptive headlights which cost £1800 each from BMW and used ones in the UK are also very expensive. I've managed to find used ones in Europe for a fraction of the price...
  9. Introductions
    Hi guys please to meet you I'm Neil from Leicester in UK. I have a E46 320d touring which has been mapped to 180bhp. Had the car 5 years and just under 100k and started to give me some issues. Titan silver by the way.
  10. Auto Electrical Forum
    My passenger side wing mirror has lost its electrical functions, drivers side still working perfectly, is there a specific fuse or am i looking at something more serious? Model 3 series coupe convertible UK 1995. Many thanks
  11. General BMW Discussions
    About to sell my 520d saloon and buy 530e saloon. I have about 50 routes in my vehicle and also stored online in BMW Routes UK. Does anyone know if it is possible to do a block copy of all 'My Routes' on to a USB stick for uploading into the new vehicle? I could do one at a time but take for ever
  12. BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    For smart repairs for my 7, I have been quoted only £179 for 15cm marks i.e Smart repair. BMW want £379 for two years - is there a thread here about smart repair UK companies or policies. It seems to be a good option from my perspective? Agree?
  13. Introductions
    Hi everyone. I’ve just joined up, looking forward to contribution to the forum. I’m from London and have a 2005 e46 m3, 2007 z4m coupe and a 2014 435i gran coupe
  14. General BMW Discussions
    I have checked on eBay but most of the items are either overpriced or look like they're in terrible condition. I'll be back in the UK on the 10th of July and I am based in Liverpool, and I'll be searching for a full set (screen, headunit, idrive controller, and all the wiring cables needed) in...
  15. Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, Did you know we're running a discount offer on our UK Breakdown Cover at the moment...? Simply use promo code SUMMER18 at, or on the phone (0800 917 2274), to receive an extra £5 OFF the already low prices. There are also built-in discounts for...
  16. BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Afternoon everyone. I wonder if someone could shed some light on something that is a bugging me. I have a 2012 640D, the oil temp on a normal flat run sat at 70mph is just over 100deg C. On a hill it will increase to 110 - 115 Deg C. IS THIS NORMAL?? A) This is the first BMW I have owned...
  17. E65
    So i just bought this 760i with airbag fault its a 2003 on a 53 Plate . "side airbag rear left fault" If possible do not occupy left rear seat . i am looking to replace the sensor,i guess. However i get lost in a lot understanding talk about A Pillar ,B Pillar Door airbag, where is this...
  18. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Any guys local with recommendations for fitting new springs to a 335Dx? Also what is the general consensus for best options for lowering springs? i've read a lot of threads with different info regarding how much each set lowers the car by and some having potential problems on pre-face lift F32...
  19. General BMW Discussions
    I was going to use timber planks to achieve a similar result but then this came up on my Pinterest: Lift Stand Inc | Made in the USA Is there something similar I can buy in this country? I need to be able to lift the car from under the wheels but on the street - no electric power or...
  20. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi guys, I'm looking to replace the halogen headlights on my F30 320d 2013 to Xenon/LED headlights.*Not just a bulb replace* I want to replace the entire unit with something that resembles the headlights linked...
1-20 of 224 Results