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  1. Turbocharging your BMW
    doing an ebay search & fell across an exhaust manifold to turbo the 328. But knowing nothing about the car i'd like to know some basics. As the manifold had a T3 flange (the same as my Volvo) i'm at home & can soon sort the actual turbo one i'm assuming the pipework (boost & exhaust) has to...
  2. Turbocharging your BMW
    as it says above im looking into turbo'ing my 320ci 2.2 can anyone help me as to what i will need to do this as i have heard that i could possibly use the turbo manifold from a 6 cyl diesel but not sure , or would i be better to use a twin turbo set up using the twin downpipes helppppp lol
  3. Turbocharging your BMW
    This is a very silly question, but it was being discussed the other night at the pub with a mate of mine. Can you strap another OEM E46 320D turbo onto your current 320D turbo to eliminate lag? Or another smaller/larger turbo on the car to eliminate lag? Isit even possible? Thanks
  4. Turbocharging your BMW
    hi i have a 1985 e30 323i wondering how i would go about turboing anyone have any usefull links thanks guys.. or anyone think its better without turbo have any other mod advice its completely standard but a great car really wanna spend some time on it...
  5. General BMW Discussions
    iv got a 318i 8v for cheaper insurance has im 22 and it would kill my pocket to go bigger. i want a shed load more bhp and come to to big ideas turning it to a turbo or a 16v is this possible and wat would i need to do the engine.
  6. Turbocharging your BMW
    Hi all, which are the best brand shell bearings for main and con rods to use in an m50 nv that is going to be turbo and boosted to 1.5 bar (500-600bhp):confused
  7. Turbocharging your BMW
    Hi all , me and my friend are thinking of turbocharging an other m50 b25. This time for real power and lot of boost:thumbsup We are thinking of stock crank and rods, forged pistons (8.5:1 cr), mls gasket , all arp bolts etc, and stand alone ecu ofcorse. But not sure on witch turbo ...
  8. Turbocharging your BMW
    HI ALL I have an M50b25 non vanos engine in witch I dropped in an M54B30 crank and rods ( bore 84 stroke 89.6 ) That turns the motor to a 3 liter . I would like also turbo this unit so I think that the standard m54 pistons are not siutable because they are not forged and have a compresion ratio...