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  1. X3 tyre trouble

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi everyone ,I’m hoping you may be able to help.I have had my x3 for a couple of years and had no problems until I needed some new tyres and opted for budget ones, bad idea car started juddering and knocking straight away, so after a quick google search came across this forum and read the...
  2. Airbag Trouble

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi all, i am a newbe here as i have recently purchased a 1999 E39 523i. I love the car only problem is that after a recent MOT the battery was flat so i had to jump start the car and now the air bag light is on. I have using a cheap reset tool purchased from flea bay but it didn't work. I have...
  3. BMW 335i (N54) trouble!

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Long story short, my 57 plate, BMW 335i (N54), needed an engine rebuild, the engine sounded terminal. My father in law had a "friend who could fix it", sent it off to him, needed new pistons and piston rods. I bought an uprated, full forged set of pistons and rods. Sent them off to him for him...
  4. Engine trouble HELP!!!!

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Good evening all, I have a slight problem with the wifes 318d e91 2006 any help would be great, The turbo went on it 4 weeks ago, I sourced one and a local garage fitted it, When they fired the car up after fitting it the car picked up and revved uncontrolably for a short time before the...
  5. SZL coding trouble

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hello all Back again with trouble regarding my 2006 E90 320d I have trouble with my new SZL part that I have bought used to be able to retrofit multifunction steering wheel. I bought all the parts necessary (plastic cover with holes for sports steering wheel buttons, MF buttons, clock spring...
  6. Key won't calibrate and window drop trouble

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Since putting a new battery in the key, The key won't calibrate and the window drop has dropped but won't come back up. Key does nothing in the lock so I can't lock it up. I took it for a blast this afternoon and the window kept going up and down for a minute then stopped down. (as in half an...
  7. Car Starting Trouble

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi, when my car is starting from cold after been left overnight it struggles to start. The car rocks abit and the revs bounce up and down around 800-1000 but it settles after 10-15 seconds. I have had a battery and alternator check done and they said the battery was unreliable, so they have...
  8. E90 engine trouble

    Technical Guides for the E90, E91, E92, E93, F30.
    Hey every one! Looking for some help. So this morning i went to start my car and once started it bogged down to about 400rpm for a few seconds before hitting idle. And once about 1200rpm or higher there is a loud noticable clacky type noise. Furthermore the car struggled to rev and was jerky...
  9. Handbrake service spring lock trouble

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Set about changing the handbrake shoes on my E91 yesterday but I could not for the life of me get the service lock spring to catch on the latch and I was pushing back on it will ridiculous force - wedging myself in all sorts of positons dash/seat/floor... I could get it far enough back that...
  10. 1996 E31 840Ci Tyre trouble

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    1 month into 840Ci ownership and still doing my to do list. First issue I have is new tyres. The cars been stored 7 yrs and newest receipt for tyres makes them 10 years old. Car has 265/40/17 on throwing star wheels ( been quoted £80 a corner to refurb) trying to keep fairly original but cannot...
  11. Bmw engine trouble

    General BMW Discussions
    Newbie here. Recently bought a BMW 318I ES 53 plate and have some engine trouble. Been informed by the garage that the vamos?? Injector value is broken/damaged and it's causing the car to lose power and turn off etc. Can this be fixed as the garage say it's a expensive job?
  12. E46 N42 Trouble Codes

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi All I have the following Trouble codes - P0420 & P2738 The code for the cat didn't start showing up until after I had the exhaust replaced, the garage did not replace the sensors I have white smoke pouring out of the exhaust, but mostly on acceleration between gears 1 & 2, especially when...
  13. E46 flashing lights, no alarm control, no wipers, cant open tailgate

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Ok, heres something new to me. The other night my car alarm went off. When i came out to turn it off it wouldnt respond to the keyfob, nor could i initially unlock the car physically using the key either. So the neighbours were up at midnight twitching curtains watching me do a basil fawlty...
  14. glow plug trouble

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Can anyone shine any light on these inpa readings. Is my glow plugs done or could it be the module. I have an error for 3 glowplugs. Any input would be very much apprecisted
  15. Trouble with 118i

    BMW 1 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 1 Series
    purchased a 118i 2.0 petrol yesterday, did all the usual checks before buying, on the way home was sat at about 100mph (private road) and the car suddenly started jolting, both dials were going right round then back to the actual speed/rpm pulled over turned the ignition off waited a minute then...
  16. 325i (E91) engine trouble

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    I've owned my e91 for about 3 years. It's a 2005 model and currently has 108k on the clock. Last summer, I noticed the engine management light kept coming on, then going off again. I took it into my local garage and they diagnosed a misfire on cylinder 5 and thought a new coil pack would be...
  17. Big trouble and big bills but sorted !

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi all, Just wanted to share my recent hassle with you on my 2005 E46 318i MSport Coupe. Its a fairly low mileage (140K Kms / 87K Miles) with good history. I have it the past 9 months and always had poor enough low down power but no fault codes. I put it down to most likely a vacuum leak and...
  18. '09 plate 320M sport USB trouble

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    evening guys. ive loaded music (MP3) onto a flash drive, 4GB. ive plugged it into the usb in the center console and the track titles appear on the head unit BMW Professional, but no audible at all. the flash drives formatted to Fat32. ive read that the flash drive needs formatting to NTFS, but...
  19. Trouble sourcing dual mass flywheel and clutch kit for E92 320d 2007

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hi for some reason i am having trouble sourcing this these parts for a reasonable price. I have seen the whole kit for E90s for around £300 but the only compatible E92 kits are £500+. (find this odd as i thought it would be the same engine??) Can anyone recommend where to by this and what...
  20. e36 with siemens dme and alot of trouble XD

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hello guys, Need some help with dme's and vanos and some more problems. So what happened is that i bought myself a 1993 e36 320i single vanos and it had a blown head gasket. I asked some friends and got opinions like, since you have a bad engine throw it away and swap a m50b25. i did that...