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    Evening all As my detailing business has been going so well and as a reward to myself for putting in 7 day weeks I'm thinking of treating myself to a E60 M5 as purely a weekend toy. What do I look for when viewing? Obvious things such as history, condition, old MOT's etc etc I'm fine with...
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    its official ppl can now say im in my late twenties :( anyway thought id cheer myself up with some sort of car mod. i have a bmw e46 318ti compact. what would you guys recommened for a cheapish mod?
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    well this week I decided to buy a few things for the 328i sport.I've bought a, low clearance jack :thumbsup scorpion exhaust £100 delivered :D booked in on friday to get priced for new bushes on the front maybe the back if they need doing hopefully that will make a bit of a difference. then...
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    hi, been spending some money this month on the 328i, ordered full M3 kit (all genuine apart from the mirrors, was going to get genuine mirrors but can warrent paying £100+ for mirrors lol) m3 exhaust, eyebrows (plus colour code) also getting a nice new alarm, red leather interior completed (at...